Lemon Juice For Acne

Lemon juice has been reported to be very effective and beneficial to health.  In this post, we decide to point out how to use formulated lemon juice for acne treatment. Lemon juice has a lot of medicinal value ranging from both the internal and external of the body. The lemon is an antiseptic. Lemon juice is used as a remedy which can prevent diseases and assist in cleansing the system of impurities. In other words, Lemon juice can serve as an anti toxin. But in respect to acne treatment, lemon juice for acne has been found effective.


Lemon juice for acne and other acne treatment methods
The use of the procedure that will be stated soon does not mean you should discard other acne treatment products for the lemon juice. You can combine the lemon juice for acne therapy with any of the synthetic skin care product for the treatment of acne but this depends on you.

Lemon juice for acne preparation
You can prepare the stock solution of the lemon juice that you will be using for the next 7 days or you prepare the lemon solution for acne at the instance of usage. I don't use to advise the stock preparation. But either has its advantages.

Below are the steps to take in applying the formulation
  • Squeeze enough lemon juice in a container. You may dilute with enough pure water to reduce burn because the lemon juice is acidic (NOTE: Don’t put much water that the concentration of the lemon be too low). You can add other ingredient such as honey which is also a good moisturizer of the skin.
  • After cleaning your face or after you night bath (May be morning or night but I advice night), you should apply your lemon for acne solution. Be consistent with this periodic administration of the solution and you will see result. In other words you have to be consistent with the period you use the preparation. The lemon juice for acne can be prepared by you at home.

I anticipate for your response. 

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