How to remove black color hair dye from hair

Are you making effort to remove the black dye on your hair and the dye is proven difficult? You were once a blonde or you had brown hair and you took the step to dye your hair. Now you wish you hadn’t. What can you do to remove black dye form hair and go back to you original color. Black dyed hair is always very challenging if you had used permanent hair color to dye it. Whereas if you had used semi permanent hair color, it may wear off as time go on with shampooing. Below are steps on how to remove black hair dye from your hair:

Understand the type of black hair dye you have used 
Black hair dyes are generally in two types. The permanent black hair dye and the semi permanent hair dye type. The permanent black hair dye are very stubborn to remove, therefore will require a special bleaching agent for that.
Understand your hair type
Also in considering what type of hair dye removing product will suit you, you have to know the principle between hair types. Naturally dark brown to black hair has an underlying red color pigment at its core. Applying a straight application of blonde hair dye to try to remove dark hair dye will simply strip the natural dark pigments out of your hair but leave the underlying red pigments. The result of such a dye job is a brass- or orange-colored tone. 

Remove black hair dye with Professional hair dye removal product
Make sure you buy a professional hair dye removal kit. Example is Loreal color zap. If you follow the direction on the label of the kit, you will get the best of the result. Loreal, however can also cause some mild damage to the hair so be sure to use a high quality conditioner after completing the black hair dye removal process? It has a bleaching action.
Apply other hair conditional products
After dye removing, you can apply hair conditional to keep hair moisturized and prevent it from being dry.
Make sure you Seek professional advice
I will advice that you should seek professional salon help if try to remove black hair still seem difficult for you. Your hairdresser has professional hair color stripping products available that should remove the stubborn black hair color. She can then recolor your hair to a more flattering shade.
Changing between colors for your hair can be a lot of fun indeed, but the removal part of the hair thing can be very challenging. You may experiment with temporary colors before later applying the permanent colors. The most important thing is that you make yourself happy. 

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